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NETWORK HQ is a group of client focused business professionals with decades of combined experience in the finance and property industry dedicated to helping you achieve your personal financial and/or property goals.

Network HQ

Why us?

Our focus and objective is simple and straight forward:

“We want to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.”

Our coordinated approach brings together expertise in the areas of finance, property, first home ownership, co-ownership of property options, property investment advice and SMSF property investment advice.

NETWORK HQ invites you to join us and experience a unique opportunity to achieve and secure your personal financial and/or property goals. We look forward to providing you with the required knowledge and skills so that you can confidently make informed decisions and take control of your financial position, both now and into the future!

Our Network

At Mini Deposit Home Loans, we specialise in “Home Loans for Young Professionals”
Our MINI D Loan option offers a unique strategy that allows you to combine borrowing your Home Loan Deposit or shortfall in Deposit with a traditional home loan.
The MINI D Loan product is the Home Loan Deposit “AFTER PAY” option for Young Professionals.

Network Lending

Network Lending

As our name suggests, NETWORK Lending is a Network of finance experts dedicated to finding the best lending solutions for you to achieve your financial goals.

Network Property

Network Property

There are two divisions within NETWORK Property. The first works with traditional real estate agents and the second works with builders and developers for new property options.

We Are Here to Help!