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Call your bank today and get the interest rate you deserve

Call your bank today and get the interest rate you deserve.

Right about now is where you start think about how much of a hassle it is going to be.

Too hard basket anyone?

But before you let that stop you. Think about what it could mean for your financial future.

If you are eligible for an interest rate reduction an uncomfortable phone call is more than worth it. Even a 0.5 per cent reduction in your interest rate can save you more than you ever imagined.

Depending on just how high or low your current rate is you can save yourself tens of thousands of dollars. That’s tax free dollars back in your pocket by the way.

Recently we had clients refinance to help out a family member. Keep in mind their motivation was purely to help someone else out financially.  They were happy with the way things were otherwise.

We were able to reduce their interest rate over two loans by a whopping 1.03% and 1.47% leaving them with over $50,000 in savings over the terms of their 20 years loans.  In trying to help someone else they had no idea they were in fact helping themselves out and quite substantially at that.

So here is the part where I insist again that you make that uncomfortable phone call to your bank today.

3 steps to getting your bank to give you what you deserve

  1. Check your last home loan statement to find out your current rate (you would be surprised by how many of us don’t know what our current rate is).
  2. Head to a rate comparison site to see what else is available. Write it down so you have it on hand when the bank tests you to see if they should or shouldn’t give you a rate cut.
  3. Call your bank and tell them that you’d like to stay with them but that your rate is significantly above other rates being offered, and that you’ll need a better rate to stay. They may try giving you the run around. Don’t be put off. Give them to information you gathered on the rate comparison website and be firm.  They don’t want to lose your business so you may need be tell them that you’ll switch banks if necessary.

From here it is going to go one of two ways.

They say yes and you are going to feel great knowing you have taken action to save yourself thousands of dollars.

They say no or made the process seem too difficult for you to bother with.

If they have thrown a bunch of figures at you and tried to bamboozle you into basically hanging up and never calling back then it’s time to call us.

  1. So the bank thinks they have outsmarted you. Helping us to help you is going to be a walk in the park after that phone call to the bank. We can do it all over the phone at a time that suits you best or you can come in and see us. All we need from you to get started finding you the best interest rate for your financial circumstances is your latest bank statement and current income details.
  2. Sit back and let us do the rest for you.

That’s it. You are 5 steps away from possibly saving yourself thousands of dollars and taking control of your financial future.

So, what are you waiting for? Call the bank or call us today!