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Easy Money Saving Tips for the New Year

It’s time to pack away those Christmas decorations and unpack some new found budgeting discipline.  Many a budget was blown over the silly season and January can be a sobering time for bank balances across the country.  The rest of the year need not be a financial write-off just because it has started off on the wrong foot.

Here are some easy money saving tips to get you back on track and to ensure 2017 is your best budgeting year yet!

Tip 1.  Write it down. All of it. It can be hard to face up to all that over-spending but sometimes you discover things aren’t as bad as you first thought or if they are, this is often the motivation you need to get back on track.

Tip 2. Write down what your financial goals are. Are you saving to go on that dream holiday or buy your first home? Do you want to pay off your debt? You need to have clear concise goals in mind.  How else will you put that item back on the shelf that you really don’t need but you really want.  Keeping in your mind why you are making sacrifices makes following through that much easier.

Tip 3.  Manage your stress.  We have all had our moments of buying things as a way to relieve stress.  In the long run, going for a run is the better choice.  A fleeting moment of joy purchasing an item on sale could never match the joy you feel walking through the door of your first home or checking-in to that overseas hotel.

Tip 4.  Make your coffee at home.  It doesn’t have to be every day, but some days.  We all have vices, and they can have a place in our lives but not if those very vices that bring us happiness are causing a whole lot of financial stress and worry.

Tip 5.  Do the math or get someone to do it for you.  Keeping an eye on your bank balance and avoiding over-drawn fees, moving or consolidating debt to ensure you are paying the best interest rates and comparing your health and life insurance policies could save you thousands.  It’s a pain and no one wants to do it.  But it’s free.  You don’t even need to forgo that cup of morning coffee you still aren’t making at home.  Simply take some time out of your day to gather the information and if you are not confident or really don’t have the time talk to us today and see how we can get your money working for you.