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Has Holiday Spending got on Top of You?

So you spent a little too much this holiday season? Okay, maybe a lot too much?!

There are an abundance of articles out there warning you not to over-spend and gesticulating on how to avoid it. But now it is too late. You need advice on what to do after the fact.

Firstly, don’t let fear paralyse your budgeting efforts or stop you from admitting your mistakes.

Forge on, January is the month of kicking bad habits. Let one of them be over-spending!

First things first, create a budget. Every cent going in and out of your bank needs to be accounted for. Sometimes this is all you need to feel back in control and start taking active steps to reign in that holiday deficit to your bank account.

Take some active steps. But don’t try to run a marathon. You don’t need a self-imposed stay on an isolated island in the middle of the pacific to get back in control of your spending. Write down all the ways you can start saving today. And start with one. Before you know it that positive feeling of making changes and being back in control will motivate you to tackle more money saving challenges. Slow and steady wins the race to December while fast out of the gates barely makes it to Valentines Day!

Most importantly, learn from it.

Sometimes learning from your mistake brings value to it, if you never do it again then it was money well spent.